Shipping and Returns Policy

Shipping Policies and Rates

Shipping is standard for all our plates, and based on domestic (U.S.) vs. IInternational.

Shipping rates are as follows:

  • Domestic (U.S.) Standard flat rate (per plate) – $7.00 
    • expect delivery within 4-5 weeks
  • Domestic (U.S.) Rush Order flat rate (per plate) – $22.00
    • expect delivery within 2 weeks
  • International Standard flat rate (per plate) – $22.50
    • expect delivery within 4-6 weeks
  • International  Rush Order flat rate (per plate) – $37.50
    • expect delivery within 2-4 weeks (destination country policies can influence delivery time)


Returns due to a plate that arrives to you damaged or broken will be replaced at no cost to you.  If possible, please take a picture of the damaged plate and/or packaging as it arrived to you as soon as possible after delivery.  We may request that you submit a picture in order to initiate  a claim with our delivery providers.

Returns due to a mistake in the personalization information, no matter how small, cannot be reimbursed.  Our Keepsake Plates are hand-made, and fired in a high-temperature kiln twice.  Therefore, a mistake due to misspelling, grammatical error, ambiguous information or hard-to-read handwriting, or other miscommunication or mis-interpretation will need to be remade at regular cost to you.

While we regret all mistakes, we cannot be held responsible for missed, forgotten, misspelled or other erroneous information. 

If we have a doubt on a handwritten order (available in some locations), we will call or email to verify the information.

We urge you to double-check your information for submission, in order to minimize the possibility of any mistake or miscommunication.